About Us

A note from our CEO Simone Roachford.

First, I must give all praises to my Heavenly Father and also to my 2 Angels for creating a profound spiritual, giving and loving foundation for my family; Frank & Romania Roachford.

Welcome to Koily Kulture Hair Care. The primary purpose is to provide product that will rejuvenate the natural moisture in your hair with organic ingredients to hydrate, soften and hold your natural style. For many years I've used the wrong product on my daughter's and my coily hair.  We've tried every product and could attest to having closets full from every brand, until now. Our product will have your scalp feeling refreshed with a maintained style that will last throughout the day. You'll also finally be able to purchase from 1 brand while creating closet space for other essentials. Try our brand and I hope the results will make your heart smile and your hair look & feel fabulous. Our organic products are free of sulfates, parabens, silicone and artificial fragrance. Providing the best product is important to us and would like to ensure you that customer service is equally important. We welcome you to the Koily Kulture family.

All the best,

Simone Roachford